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Addressing behavioral issues such as taking responsibility, bullying, aggression, gang awareness, anger management, suspensions, ADHD, PTSD, acting out in school resulting in suspensions and expulsions is a key focus of ICCS.  Servicing youth considered “At Risk” through culturally competent, highly effective individual, family therapy, group counseling, and long term mentorship opportunities are the secret to ICCS success.


Indvidual and Group Counseling Sessions are Available:

Individual and group counseling sessions are available. Ongoing long term mentorship opportunities available though working relationships with local mentorship programs and organizations.

Motivational & Educational Presentations:

Reach Achieve Repeat!!!!

       A powerful motivational presentation that will leave audiences feeling empowered with the organizational and goal setting tools to take action. 40min-60min presentation. 


Challenges = Opportunities to Shine.

         A humorous and inspirational presentation designed to assist audiences who have suffered setbacks, and helps to reframe the  audience's thinking to make "Lemonade out of the Lemons of Life". This presentation can be customized to meet the needs and time constraints of the client. 


Topics and prospective workshops include:

Take Back The Streets Series: 

         How to identify and set up effective interventions in schools, and in the community. Bullying, Decision Making, Gang Awareness, Violence, Drugs, Aggressive and Disruptive Behavior are just some of the topics covered in this dynamic series. How to identify and enhance resiliency in youth, and encourage positive decision making. Learn about new and dangerous designer drugs and what to look for.  This series provides educators, community leaders and youth with long lasting techniques and tools to help youth to succeed.


Urban Lens Motivational Presentations


Workshops & Group series motivational presentations are designed to give the youth, Schools K-12, Churches, Non Profits & Community Groups some powerful tools to make an immediate and lasting IMPACT!!


I. How To Adjust your GPS

“Getting your Priorities Straight”
Psychosocial Educational Groups & Motivational Presentation.

II. Nerd Today Boss Tomorrow
Psychosocial Educational Groups & Anti-Bullying Presentation

III. How to reach urban youth
Strategy Workshop with proven strategies on success and support

IV. How to overcome the School to Prison Pipeline Paradigm
Educational presentation for educational and community programs with
Psychosocial education supports and community connection strategies.

Strategy workshops & connects with community supports
-Mentorship opportunities set up with local organizations.

Impact Counseling and Consulting Services making an Impact in the Community Against Bullying & PTSD featured on WZZM 13  & Fox 17.

Featured as subject matter expert on WZZM 13
on effective strategies against  Bullying.


Hidden PTSD Segment on Fox 17


Featured as subject matter expert on "Hidden PTSD" on Fox 17  (Click button above to see video)

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